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About us

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      SHENZHEN ZERO FIVE CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING CO. LTD Is a comprehensive private construction enterprise, registered in March 2012.To undertake engineering qualifications are: building engineering construction general contracting, municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting, electrical and mechanical engineering construction general contracting, steel structure project specialized contracting, foundation engineering contracting, construction decoration project specialized contracting, construction curtain wall project specialized contracting, city and road lighting engineering contracting, environmental protection engineering contracting.

       In recent years “Integrity Enterprise Demonstration Unit”,“Enterprise Credit Rating AAA Credit Enterprises”,“Council Member Of Shenzhen Construction Industrialization Association”,“Executive Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Henan Chamber of Commerce”,“Shenzhen Federation Of Commerce Vice President Unit”,“Signing Unit Of The Self-Discipline Convention On Honesty In Shenzhen Construction Industry”,“Shenzhen City Cost Engineer Association Council Member Unit”and other honors.

       Wholly-owned subsidiary: SHENZHEN LIHE CONSTRUCTION LABOR SERVICE CO., LTD., has the following qualifications: construction labor service qualification, formwork and scaffolding professional contract qualification, waterproof, anticorrosive and thermal insulation engineering professional contract qualification.Won the“Signing Unit Of The Self-Discipline Convention On Honesty In Shenzhen Construction Industry”and other honors.

       Wholly owned subsidiary: SHENZHEN CHINA CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT SERVICE CO., LTD., mainly engaged in building materials, construction machinery and equipment leasing services.

       Enterprise Vision: Industrial Building Comprehensive Service Enterprise
       Enterprise Spirit: Honesty Responsibility Innovation
       Core Values: Quality Assurance   Value Win-Win



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